Thursday, December 15, 2005


Another bleedin' blog and the obvious question is why? Simply because when I went out looking for one dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions in London I drew a blank. Sure there are plenty that review films, theatre, even musicals alongside the art, but no one seems to be coming to it with any specialist knowledge or understanding, and that's what I want to read.

The obvious exception was the wonderful but since Niru went all mainstream and establishment on us, the site has sadly expired. JJ must be very happy that he's still sat at the top of the greasy pole for all eternity now... (I'll resist making the obvious joke quite this early on in our relationship).

I don't claim to have the sort of inside information and access (let alone travel allowance) that Artrumours had but I will do my best to keep you - my notional public - informed and maybe even entertained.

I guess, if I try to be brutally truthful about it, I am also succumbing to the dreaded allure of vanity blogging, the attraction of mouthing off, and all the rest of it. But ha so what.


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