Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beck's Futures rubbish

The Beck’s Futures list has been announced and once again the nation is united in saying “who the hell are they?”. I recall the first year the exhibition was held at the ICA, some substantial artists were involved like Roddy Buchanan (who won) and Haley Newman. Subsequent years moved further and further down towards the bottom of the barrel, but still managed to namecheck interesting artists like Brian “don’t call me Cyril” Griffiths and Simon Bedwell. Now, however, all the good artists have been included, and it has effectively turned into a rival to New Contemporaries. Artists are chosen on the basis of their plump, firm juicy flesh, and the sweet sweet smell of innocence. The very word “futures” suggests that this is more an investment opportunity than anything else, a chance to get in while the price is low then just sit back and watch your investment grow.
But fuck me what an uninspiring bunch we have this year. A few lowlights – Blood’n’feathers (named after a song by Hole) with “intentionally” crappy paintings, awful Olivia Plender with her dreadful comic the Masterpiece, Richard “don’t confuse me with my brother” Hughes and his so far as I can see completely meaningless sculpture, and on and on. I’m prepared to be proved wrong by the exhibition. In fact I would love to be. But right now only groovy Sue Tompkins gives me any hope for art that is different, means something, and doesn’t capitulate quite so gladly to the marketplace.

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