Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bloomberg Spacey

The only good thing in this show of work that “echoes the spirit and experience of American light artist Dan Flavin’s work”, i.e. that uses electric light, is the large panel of pale coloured tubes by Spencer Finch that reproduces the quality of light from a snowy day in Monet’s garden or somesuch. Look at the floor and it does seem uncannily like a snowy afternoon in France.

Aside from this, a more motley collection of neon, LEDs and bulbs you could not find this side of B&Q warehouse (assuming they had them in stock for a change). Generally I enjoy what goes on at Bloomberg towers, but this is a Flavin tie-in pure and simple that takes what is unusual about each artist (using light as a material) and makes that the mundane starting point for curation. Plus, they missed a trick by not including Martin Creed!


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