Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kovats & Stokes shame

Does everyone think we aren’t paying attention or something? First of all Matt Stokes wins Becks Futures by getting a church organist to play Northern Soul & Heavy Metal tunes, in a way very similar to Jeremy Deller’s famous Brass Band interpretations of Acid House classics, only not quite as good, original, and about ten years too late. Now Tanya “what do you mean you want another idea out of me?” Kovats is floating a barge from Bristol to London with a meadow on top, in an exceedingly similar way to Robert Smithson’s barge which posthumously ferried a chunk of natural landscape around Manhattan recently. Who let them get away with this? Not me. I say it loud and clear – copyists! Plagiarists! Go home with your heads held low in shame and come up with something for yourself for goddsake. Pah.


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