Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sarah Kent to go?

As thousands of arts workers surreptitiously scanned the ads in this Monday's Guardian in search of a better paypacket, there it was... the ad that no one ever expected to see in this lifetime. Time Out magazine is looking for a new Visual Arts Editor to sit in Kenty's plush orthopedic throne. The applicant needs to be "a brilliant writer and razor sharp critic with a strong, opinionated voice". A "formidable" contacts book is also required, presumably with a large restaurant section.

Sarah Kent has been at the forefront of the London art scene for decades. Her book "Shark Infested Waters" effectively validated the Saatchi collection in terms of critical writing, and no matter how many reviews in Frieze you get, everyone knows that even a bad write up in Time Out brings in the punters like nothing else. The halcyon days of the late nineties are long gone however and the recent changes to the magazine seem to have dulled the quality of the reviews somewhat. Perhaps some fresh blood will sharpen them up once more. There are no obvious contenders for the job, which requires good art nous as well as the sensibility of a weekly hack... so my money is on an inside candidate possibly Helen Sumpter?


Anonymous canvas art said...

Did you get the job?

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