Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fischli & Weiss Tate Modern

I'd love to be one of those cynical hardbitten bloggers who is constantly having a go at the establishment and raving about the state of things. But, I can't help it, the Tate have put on another great exhibition with Fischli & Weiss! Navigating your way round a few black rubber casts, you enter a huge space with double exposure flower photos hung from floor to ceiling, around some impressively large prints of their airport series. The hang really works, and sets the tone for room after room of great work presented just how you might like to see it presented.

The "Suddenly this overview" series of small clay models, for instance, are shown on a forest of white plinths crammed together so that you almost have to force your way through them, bending to read the titles and getting involved with the details of each piece. Must be a nightmare to invigilate. This series is pretty typical of the duo's work. It's like seeing someone's brain being shaken out so that every idea, ideal concept, half remembered image or stereotype falls on to the floor. In fact their practice could be where the rival discourses of visual culture and art theory coincide. You can see it in "Visible world" (which is becoming an old favourite at the Tate now, so many times has it been shown or lent out) the collection of 3000+ archetypal photographs. You can see it in the heterogeneity/indiscriminateness of everything they do.

Their famous chain reaction film is shown together with a documentary about making it (to underline the chronology of their ownership of the much-copied concept?) which is actually great because you can switch screens during the longeurs of a bubbling chemical reaction. And I had never seen the slide projection piece of multilingual questions. Simple but effective.

It's all here: handmade fake studio installation, animal costume films, carved objects, balanced sculpture photos. Plus, in the leaflet, a none too subtle underlining of the fact that (in case anyone should get the wrong idea) they aren't gay! Classic.

Push your way through the crowds flocking to Holler's slides and visit this well presented, inspiring show.
PS Tate gallery press officers can post a cheque to CLAB, PO Box etc etc etc


Anonymous canvas art said...

Never heard of Fischli & Weiss, will look them up now thanks again :-)

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Interesting post.x

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