Monday, October 16, 2006

Power 100

We received a nice email from the web editor of Art Review asking us to promote the annual Power 100 list. Cut out their faces and pin to your studio walls, folks, so that you can't fail to recognise the powerful elite pulling the strings that make us all twitch to the beat of the sound of money changing hands. I just thank god that Frieze weekend is over and we can all get back to normal. It isn't natural seeing so many tanned and super-skinny people in London, where we're meant to be bloated and if anything slightly blue in colour. The Power 100 amusingly has Google at number 100 for some reason. Other than that it's the usual list of dealers, curators and collectors, with a few blue chip artists thrown in for luck. Ultimately, it means nothing. None of these people will ever impinge on your pathetic pointless life.

We are obliged to point out that other art magazines are commercially available.
Art Review (new design in the style of GQ, fully downloadable)
Art Monthly (black and white is awlright!)
Frieze (brrrrrrrr)
ArtForum (the oldest and the best)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What should Art do?" :

3:55 pm  
Anonymous canvas art said...

I didnt know that art review had gone digital. Thanks :-)

2:52 pm  

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