Tuesday, November 28, 2006

David Smith at Tate Modern

Another panegyric for the Tate I'm afraid: the David Smith exhibition is quite simply a great show. There's plenty of work from all phases of his career, but not too much that you get swamped and end up sick of the stuff. The rooms are nicely sequenced and very carefully hung, with plenty of empty space around the sculptures to enjoy. The ones that demand or suggest a frontal view are placed a few feet in front of plain walls, usually lined up nicely so that you get a sightline from the entrance as you progress through the galleries.

Room 5 is just beautiful, showing the work that he made on a Guggenheim fellowship that is generally considered to be a breakthrough into larger scale and more lyrical pieces. Hudson River Landscape and Australia (pictured above) in particular are just masterpieces!

Compare and contrast with the rather dowdy William Turnbull display in the central atrium at Tate Britain currently, where a whole range of interesting work is lost against the huge scale and distracting walls. Modernist sculpture might have been exactly what the slightly chalky white cube rooms of Tate Modern were designed for.


Blogger Gianfi said...

Great work!

7:11 pm  
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Anonymous canvas art said...

Never seen any of his work up until now. Will have to keep my eye open for him.

2:47 pm  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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